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A3T Acquisition Specialist work in government and industry overseeing efforts by A3T to acquire goods, property, services as well as employees. Our acquisition specialist’s responsibilities vary, depending on the industry, project/task and area of responsibility. However, A3T acquisition specialists have strong analytical and research skills, are impeccable communicators, and are able to identify and resolve problems associated with the implementation of solutions throughout the acquisition process.


A3T has staff trained in business and government auditing and evaluation.  Our staff uses standards-based approaches to exercise Lean, Six Sigma, Capability Maturity Model™, International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and existing organizational policies.  Often A3T Evaluators efforts lead to the generation of new standards customized for our customer.  Our staff may perform analysis to assess risks, opportunities, strengths, weaknesses, noncompliances, nonconformances, improvements, waste, or optimization capabilities.


A3T Computer Scientist work as designers, researchers, and managers, using their technical expertise and creative insights to develop the technologies that shape the government and industry requirements.  Our scientists are exerts in building the innovative products central to lifecycle projects/tasks performance expectations.


Our Financial Analyst apply their expertise to research macro and micro economic conditions along with the company fundamentals to make business, sector, and industry recommendations to A3T’s executive staff.  Our analyst often recommend courses of action


Our IT experts determine requirements, design, install, and maintain server hardware, operating systems, software, scripted procedures, perform computer management, programming, and operational support tools on organization-wide computing systems.   A3T IT professionals also maintain security and staff access to information and data and monitor performance, capacity, and availability of organization-wide computer systems.


Using Kaisen events, and other tools inherent to the Lean discipline, our consultants help customers reduce waste, satisfy customer demands, and optimize flow.  Using the extensive suite of Six Sigma approaches such as DMAIC and DMADV, implement process improvements through quality teams using a data-driven focus.  Our consultants are qualified to teach Lean and Six Sigma.


Our consultants assess service, product, software, and organizational processes against various client-identified standards, baselines, and requirements.  A3T assists its customers to close performance gaps through education, training, and consultation.  We assist customers with the institutionalization of quality excellence according to a prescribed model.


A3T leverages its internationally credentialed Six Sigma staff to provide its customers an interdisciplinary approach to efficiently and effectively realize and manage a system.  Our experts focus on alleviating customer challenges by designing and implementing realistic, high-quality solutions that are founded on industry best practices.  Our staff is versed in enterprise-wide operations PSE affecting organizational or system performance.


A3T Program Managers (PMs) are certified by PMI.  We understand that during a program’s lifecycle, projects are initiated and the PMs successfully navigate through these lifecycles overseeing and providing direction and guidance to our project and task lead managers.  Our PMs coordinate efforts between projects but allow project/task leads manages them.  It is an essential PM responsibility is the identification, rationalization, monitoring and control of the interdependencies between projects/tasks, dealing with escalated issues among the projects/tasks that comprise the program.  Our PMs track the contribution of each project/task and the non-project work to the consolidated program benefits.


A3T Project Managers/Task Leads work on specific projects/tasks that have definite outcomes.  Usually our projects/tasks are time limited and have to stay within a budget. These roles typically include: planning what work needs to be accomplished, what timeframe (schedule) needs to be met, and what resources need to be acquired to perform the work.  Our PM/TLs continuously review, analyze, and mitigate the risks involved in a particular project/task, managing these risks and reporting critical issues to the Program Manager.


A3T has experts certified in various quality models (CMM, ISO, etc.) to help its customers to design, implement, and improve its performance through defined, documented, efficient, and effective policies, processes, procedures, workflows, etc.  For existing systems seeking optimization, A3T staff trained in quality control methods can identify the appropriate metrics, measures, and indicators; performance targets; thresholds and tolerances; and triggers requiring corrective action or management decision.  Strong quality management and control create an environment to reduce costs and liabilities from defective products and services.


Our Software Engineers apply the principles and techniques of computer science, engineering, and mathematical analysis to the design, development, testing, and evaluation of the software and the systems that enable computer systems to perform primary applications.


A3T Strategic planners work to provide a framework that helps organizations plan for future growth and operations.  We are very aware that this position requires a deep knowledge of the organization and the ability to understand and work within several disciplines, including finance, marketing, and research. With a mixture of research and careful projections, a typical A3T Strategic Planner attempts to find the best balance between fact and speculation.  Primary duties include gathering and interpreting knowledge about an organization, is expert in knowing about every facet of an organization’s history, from the financial and operational, to public perception and marketing efforts, keeping abreast of current and future financial projections and understanding the budget and its impact on future operations.


Our SEs work on developing large and small systems, such as computer systems.  A3T prides itself on hiring experts skilled at understanding customer needs, knowing how to plan systems and create system, and troubleshooting problems found within the system.  Our SE’s are considered Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) whose primary goal to create the most efficient engineering project that can handle a customer’s needs both at the time of creation and in the future as those needs change. A3T’s SEs often works on a large complex legacy software and hardware systems across a variety of industry and government organizations.


A3T Training Specialists work with organizations and projects to train employees how to use new equipment, new processes/procedures, or set up and train lab assistants.  Our Training Specialists maintain a knowledge base of resources, training, and labor relations managers and specialists,” so they can communicate effectively between the managers and the staff designated for training. Our Training Specialist goals are to always improve the general skills of organizations and assist in increasing organizational loyalty and productivity.   A3T’s trainers provide orientation and new employee's responsibilities within that environment. Our Training Specialist also plan and provide on-the-job training to new hires.

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